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Computer Basics with Small Business Marketing

In this course, students earn a DIPLOMA in marketing for small businesses incorporating computer skills. After the program, graduates are prepared for job openings marketing their own small business or administrative positions. This course is also offered in Spanish!


Real Estate "Pre-license Courses" - S0689

The purpose of this DIPLOMA program is to prepare students for entry-level careers as transaction coordinator assistants, loan officer assistants, or loan processor assistants; License is not required to work as a transaction coordinators assistant, loan officer assistant, or loan processor assistant.



Digital Marketing

Students use a range of tools and resources to gain proficiency in campaign development, analytics and reporting, content creation, and digital strategies for a variety of industries and platforms.


Security Guard

Students will be qualified to work as unarmed security guards in the state of California in addition to areas of loss prevention, event security, hotel security and building security.


This course teaches students how to use the basic features of QuickBooks. Topics include opening a company, setting up a chart of accounts, entering checks, accounts receivable, accounts payable, working with customer transactions, vendor transactions, banking with QuickBooks, and generating financial reports. Students must possess basic computer skills prior to enrollment.


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