About Us

Here at Moviso Academy, we strive to provide the highest quality of professional training in real estate, small business development, and business-related certificate education. To accomplish this, our resources are directed toward achieving the following specific objectives that support each educational program.

  • Assisting students in developing high-level professional and business communication skills.

  • Offering certificate courses in a variety of business-related areas that are relevant to the market place and supports the diploma programs.

  •  Motivating students toward on-going personal development, thereby increasing employment potential, competence, and mobility.
Gloria Gonzalez, B.A.

Gloria Gonzalez, B.A.


Ms. Gloria Gonzalez, B.A. has over twenty-four years of experience in all aspects of Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management. Her path into vocational rehabilitation was somewhat unusual. Shortly after graduating in 1995 with a degree in International Business, from San Diego State University, Gloria accepted a position with a vocational counseling company. She fell in love with the clientele and the gratification she received utilizing her talents to help her clients regain control of their lives. Her passion is assisting her clients in achieving their goals and objectives and their ultimate success. Ms. Gloria Gonzalez has been named Counselor of the Year by the Center of Employment Training for five consecutive years. This accomplishment is a reflection of her success and her mission to study every element of the vocational system. 

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